Tips for This Weekend’s Double Elixir Event

Don’t look now, but SuperCell has dropped another weekend-long event on us, this time in the form of a Double Elixir Challenge. ¬†The basics are very simple here – elixir generates twice as fast as […]

Card Review

Elixir Collector

Elixir Collector is one of the unique buildings in Clash Royale. It doesn’t deal any damage but generates elixir instead. Most players¬†used the Elixir Collector if they have high elixir cost decks. Ideally it is […]

Deck Guides

Arena 6 Elixir Pump Spam deck

This is the deck I am currently using and it is a lot of fun to play for sure. This is actually the first deck ever I am posting here that uses the elixir pump. […]


How to gain Elixir Advantage

If you consistently make favourable elixir trades with your opponent you will eventually win the game. By favourable trades I mean using a lower elixir cost card to kill a higher elixir cost card. The […]