Level 14 cards

Supercell just announced a new update that is going live on monday. With this new patch it will be possible to see level 14 cards due to the change with the mirror. The change also […]

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Best Royal Giant deck

The new and buffed Royal Giant is amazing! Even though I usually don’t go with slow and expensive troops in my decks, I decided to make an exception for the royal giant after the recent […]

Card Review


The Giant is one of the basic cards you can get when you start playing Clash Royale. It is an important part of early decks because there is no other card that can serve as […]

Card Review


Golem card has the highest health of all troop cards in Clash Royale, making it one of the best tanks in the game. The Golem when killed, damages the area and splits into 2 Golemites […]

Card Review

Royal Giant

The royal giant used to be one of the least used cards in Clash Royale, but that changed a lot in a recent update when the range of the card was increased. The Royal Giant […]