Bone Pit cards (Arena 2)

In this article I will go over the six new cards you are able to get reaching Bone Pit. I rank them in order of how good I think the cards are. I use four tiers: great, good, ok, bad. I also write about which roles they fill and how to use them.

When it comes to which deck you should use at arena 2, you pretty much have to go with what you have. I have made on deck guide for what is in my opinion the best arena 2 deck. If you have the card or the replacements there, you should definitely check it out.

Tier: Great
Role: Single DPS
Elixir: 5
Comments: Most players have a really hard time stopping the ballon, hits enemy towers really hard.
Tombstone-Rare-Card-Clash-Royale Tombstone.
Tier: Great
Role: Defensive
Elixir: 3
Comments: This card is useful in many situations, excels at stopping and distracting enemy troops.
Giant-Skeleton-Epic-Card-Clash-Royale Giant skeleton.
Tier: Good
Role: Splash, single DPS
Elixir: 6
Comments: Good at taking out enemy troops and towers with the big bomb that drops when it dies.
Minions-Common-Card-Clash-Royale Minions.
Tier: OK
Role: Air target, flying
Elixir: 3
Comments: Good flying unit at lower levels, but minion horde is better.
Bomb-Tower-Rare-Card-Clash-Royale Bomb tower.
Tier: Bad
Role: Defensive
Elixir: 5
Comments: Decent defence but too expensive.
Skeletons-Common-Card-Clash-Royale Goblins.
Tier: Bad
Role: Single DPS
Elixir: 1
Comments: Only use is to cycle your deck, bad card.


  1. Though I don’t use Skeletons, they were once part of my Hog Trifecta deck, and lured an entire Minion Horde away from destroying my tower

  2. Skeletons are one of the best cards in the entire Clash Royale game, as they can distract enemy troops, aid tanks, and help destroy tanks

  3. Tou’re really underrating the skeletons. They’re the second best cars in the arena after the balloon. In particular, well placed skeletons can stop the prince’s charge when you’re out of elixir so he does less damage. They won’t stop him, but do a far better job than spear goblins as the tower can damage the prince. Same vs pekka or mini pekka. It’s extra dps for cheap when you need it, and combined with a musketeer that survived a defense for cheap you can get a few hundred tower hp if the opponent is out of elixir and doesn’t have cheap counters.

    So the skeleton card is great because low price + distraction/counter ability. Won me many, many fights. The musketeer is also great, as she can kill a dragon inside tower range and placed behind a tower or tank has good range to kill.

    I’m a level 5 in spell valley and both are crucial cards to any of my decks. You’re underrating them.

    • I just reached Spell Valley at level 5, with a Bomb Tower. It’s not expensive at all, as it’s very effective at stopping tank pushes and Barbarians and it’s pretty tanky on its own and will be an amazing distraction against literally any troop while it can take out skeletons, goblins, and archers easily. Will have a problem against minions though.

      I also disagree that Skeletons is bad. It has the most value (1 elixir!!) against Paladins, Pekka, and Mini Pekka, and also tanks (although Goblins are better for tank defense). It’s especially amazing that it could stop a Paladin split push after spending all elixirs on pushing on one side, and the enemy thought you’re straight open. Though it’ll not stop the single DPS entirely, it’ll buy precious times to deal less damage to towers and stop a final push in Overtime.

      Giant Skeletons’s advantage is that some players would spend lots of elixirs on big guns like Pekka, Paladin, Valkyrie, Goblins, or any kind of horde to deal with him. When he dies, these hordes will fall due to the Rocket-like damage explosion afterwards, and you potentially have troops behind, and elixir advantage to make a push. Great for defense against tanky DPS groups.

      • In Arena 6, I had Skeletons in my deck with my hog Trifecta and reached Royal Arena. When I was in a Arena 4 and 5, Bomb Tower took out several barbarians and Spawner decks

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