Build Perfect all-around Clash Royale deck

Building that all-around perfect Clash Royale deck is a tedious and an often stressful task. I’ve been using this deck throughout a few arenas now and, through trial-and-error, I’ve built myself one of the best decks that provides adequate defense and offense when competing against almost any other deck. So let’s get started.

First Stage

In the early stages of the game, you will want to play defensively.

Familiarize yourself with your opponents cards and retaliate with lower elixir, heavy-hitting cards.

For example, if your opponent rushes you with their Elite Barbarians or Hog-rider, place the Mini PEKKA or Minions for your defense.

They will then have to retaliate against your Mini PEKKA, leaving you at an elixir advantage against them. Alternatively, the Tornado card may be used to force them over to your main tower.

Once you’ve felt out your opponents cards, you can either choose to play it safe and stay on the defensive, or begin your main push with the PEKKA behind your main tower, followed by an E-Wiz or Wizard to aid him once he crosses that bridge.

If you find yourself at a stand still waiting for each other to make the first move, a Mini Pekka with Minions is the perfect play to get the game started, especially if you have your zap at the ready for any Goblin Gangs or Skeleton Army cards.

Second Stage

After the one-minute mark is when you’ll want to start your main push. Place your Wizard behind the main tower, waiting just before the bridge to pair it with your PEKKA.

Having your zap at the ready will eliminate any inferno towers (if your timing is right), if you don’t already have your E-Wiz on the field. It is important you place your Wizard first, when available, behind your main tower.

This will dampen your opponents motive to punish you by sending Elite Barbarians, Goblin Barrel or Hog-rider through the opposite lane.

If they do so, you have enough elixir to retaliate, as you didn’t use a hefty 7 elixir by spawning your PEKKA first.

That being said, both your Wizard and PEKKA will be left un-aided, so use your best judgement along with your spell cards to help them reach your opponents tower.

Your main push is more likely to succeed if you let him rush you, meeting his cards on your side of the field. This will allow your PEKKA and Wizard to defeat your opponents’ cards, and let you have the elixir advantage when they’ve crossed the bridge.

Here’s a breakdown of each card in this deck:

.PEKKA – Perfect card for defense against Giants, Golems, RG, or Elite Barbarians.

If you’re on the offense, you may have your Tornado in your hand to be ready to pull any and all troops toward her. MINIONS – This is a great, low elixir counter to most rushes, whether it be Goblin Barrels, Hog-riders or Miners. WIZARD – The Wizard’s main objective will be to support the PEKKA.

Paired with the Tornado, the Wizard can take out mass amounts of troops to allow your PEKKA to push through to your opponents tower.

Mini PEKKA – This is a lower elixir option of defense. With a Mini PEKKA, it will stop Hog-riders, Miners, or Elite Barbarians, without too much damage to your tower (zapping the Elite Barbarians will help your Mini PEKKA eliminate them completely, in most cases).

Inferno Dragon – A portable Inferno Tower, great for annihilating any Giants, Golems, or Lava Hounds that come your way.

If you play strategically with your Minions, Wizard, or Tornado, you can often times stop any tank from even hitting your tower.

E-Wizard – His primary objective is to support your PEKKA in case of Inferno Towers or Dragons.

If your PEKKA is up against another tank, the E-Wizard will help significantly, ensuring your PEKKA wins that fight no matter what side of the field you’re battling on. Zap – Use for any hordes or to get that last hit on their tower before they bite the dust.

Tornado – This is the real game-changer. Use the Tornado to pull the Hog-rider, Goblin Barrel, or Miner to your main tower to make your opponent think twice before rushing you again.

Paired with the Wizard, this card can eliminate most low elixir troops.

My personal favorite is using this card to pull any and all troops to the PEKKA, allowing him to clear his pathway to the opponent’s tower with ease.

Alternate options for cards used in this deck:

PEKKA – Mega Knight, Giant, Giant Skeleton Minions – Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang Wizard – Executioner, Witch Mini PEKKA – Valkyrie, Guards, Knight Inferno Dragon – Inferno Tower E-Wizard – Musketeer Zap – Arrows Tornado – Freeze

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