Double Prince deck – Arena 7+

This is a low elixir double prince deck that includes the elixir pump. The last deck I posted was pretty much the first deck ever that I had gotten to work with an elixir pump in it, and this will be the second one. I just got my dark prince to level 3, so I decided to try again if I could get it to fit in a deck. The other double prince decks I have tried out have all been too slow for my taste, most of them include the pekka, a card which I am not too fond of.

This deck however, has no pekka in it, and once you get 2 or more elixir pumps up you can keep pushing and pushing and cycle through to your princes really quickly. This makes for some really fun games. This guide is as of now mostly based around the video of the 3 replays I just recorded. If you guys want a more detailed guide on the deck please let me know by leaving a comment. I could also do more videos of the deck as well.

The cards.

Mirror-Epic-Card-Clash-Royale Elixir-Collector-Rare-Card-Clash-Royale Spear-Goblins-Common-Card-Clash-Royale Baby-Dragon-Epic-Card-Clash-Royale
dark-prince-new-clash-royale-card Prince-Epic-Card-Clash-Royale Barbarians-Common-Card-Clash-Royale Arrows-Common-Card-Clash-Royale

As you can see we have a lot of epic cards here, 4 of them. The only rare card we have is the elixir collector. Most of my epics are level 3, the rares are level 6 and the common cards level 9. This works pretty well in the 2500-3000 trophies range.

Quite an important card in this deck, should not be replaced.

Elixir Collector.
The elixir collector is just as the mirror an important part of the deck and should not be replaced.

Spear Goblins.
Spear goblins can be replaced by archers or minions, both should work pretty well.

Dark prince.
It’s a double prince deck, so yeah, you need the dark prince.

Like I said, this is a double prince deck, mirroring a prince doesn’t count.

Barbarians are really good value and fit very well in this deck. You could replace them with a valkyrie or a knight but it won’t make the deck as good.

Can be replaced by zap and fireball, what you chose should depend on the level of your cards.

Video guide.

So here is the video guide showing how to play the deck. If you’d like me to post more videos, please let me know.


This deck is a lot of fun to play, but I have just started using it so I might just be on a winning streak. Please let me know how you guys are doing if you decide to give the deck a try, thanks.



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