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In this post I will go over all the legendary cards in Clash Royale and give you my opinion on which of them are worth getting. Currently there are two ways to get legendary cards, you either buy them form the shop at 40,000 gold or you get them from a chest.

The super magical chest has the highest chance of giving you a legendary, but it is also really expensive at 4,600 gems at arena level 8.

Instead of spending a ton of money on super magical chests I suggest you just stay patient and wait until the card is available in the store. I have had legendaries available in the store close to 10 times so far, so it is quite common.

Buying legendary cards from the store you can chose yourself which of them are worth spending money on. Basically a legendary card from the store costs 2,000 gems. In my opinion not all legendaries are worth spending this amount on gems on, at least not if you don’t have a clear plan on how to use them.


You can’t just put all the legendaries in a deck and except to do well. Most good decks will only have one legendary cards in them, and it is very rare to see a good Clash Royale deck with 3 or more legendaries.

The order in which I rate the legendaries take into account how many different decks they would fit in. I think this is really important. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a card, it should be a card you are able to use in a lot of decks, not something that only fit in one specific deck. So let’s move down to the list, I start out with the worst card at number 5.

5. The lava hound.


I thought this card was good when I bought it a few weeks ago, but really, it’s not. I thought the reason I never faced this card in battles was that no one had gotten it yet, but I later found out that the reason was that the card sucks.

The lava hound is basically a flying golem that does no damage. Just look at his stats, 26 damage per second! That is really nothing, and even if he splits up into lava pups they tend to die so fast that they hardly do any damage either.

Yeah I know you can put him in front of other troops that do higher damage the lava hound will tank for them. This is the best way to use the lava hound, but even using that card this way it doesn’t justify the high elixir cost. The laval hound actually costs 7 elixir to play, which is too much. I’m not sure I would even have the card in my deck if it only cost 6 elixir.

What I tend to do when my opponent is playing the lava hound is to push the other lane with all I have, while I am just ignoring the lava hound. The lava hound is really slow and by himself he is not really a threat either. You can read more about how to counter the lava hound here.

4. The miner.


At fourth place we have the miner. The miner is not a bad card, it is just that the other legendaries are much better. Lately I have faced the miner a lot of times, and he has been quite annoying to deal with. Even thought the miner has a lot of health and takes a while to kill, he doesn’t do that much damage.

The biggest danger when facing the miner, is if he is backed up with other troops and work as a tank for them. This is what you should do if you have the miner in your deck. Basically you let the miner tank the damage from the tower while weak troops like goblins, spear goblins or archers are hitting the tower. Using the miner this way is great, as he has a lot of health and will take quite a while to fill.

The miner is fairly versatile as well. He can basically fill the role of the tank in many decks. The low elixir cost of 3 means that he is good value.

3. Sparky.


In third place we have Sparky. Sparky is a very interesting card and can be very strong when you are facing players who don’t know how to counter it. I think that was the reason we saw Sparky in so many decks early after the release. Everyone who had gotten the card chose to play it, as almost noone had learned how to counter it yet.

Now however, when most players at arena 7 and higher have gotten Sparky, we don’t see the card played as much. A lone sparky is easy to deal with, even 1 elixir skeletons can take it out together with your tower. Even so, sparky backed up by other troops is still a challenge.


Royal giant in front with a sparky on the back is probably the most popular combination with sparky these days. This combination is really hard to deal with, as anything you drop in front of the royal giant will be killed by the sparky. The way to deal with the combination is to distract the royal giant and then play troops in the back that will take out sparky. This is quite hard to do however, even when you know how to do it.

Sparky costs 6 elixir to play, but the amount of damage it is able to deal combined with the amount of focus your opponent has to spend on stopping it, justifies the high cost. I even have a whole article on just how to counter Sparky.

2. The ice wizard.


A wizard that only costs 3 elixir and freezes troops sounds like a pretty good deal, and yeah it is! The damage from the ice wizard is much lower compared to the original wizard, but when you add the freeze and look at the low elixir cost you realize you get a lot of value.

The other thing that is really good with the ice wizard is that it is such a versatile card. You can fit this card in almost any deck. I mean, what deck doesn’t benefit from some extra splash damage to both air and ground? That is slows down troops by freezing them is just nice bonus.

It might be hard to notice how much the ice wizard affects the games you are playing, as it is not taking a leading role in taking down tower or troops like sparky does. However, if you actually spend time reviewing your games and see what is going on in the confrontations, you will notice that in larger battles having the ice wizard on your side will change things a lot. A battle that would otherwise be about even with almost all the troops dying might change to almost all of your troops surviving with half health.

There is not really any good way to counter the ice wizard. He doesn’t die to arrows or zap, so you can’t counter him with any spells and get out even or better. Basically you just have to deal with him being there, any maybe add the ice wizard to your own deck as well.

1. The princess.


I remember from a few weeks back this guy in my clan saying: “I got the princess a couple of days ago. Before I got her I was around 2,400 trophies, but now after putting her in my deck I just got to legendary arena!” That his how good the princess is, it is an amazing card that will affect your games a ton.

She is more obvious than the ice wizard, but it’s not like she will take down towers and kill troops in no-time like sparky. She is not a big and tanky card like the lava hound either. What she lacks in size and damage however, she easily makes up for in having the longest range of any troop in the game.

The princess can stand far away on the other side of the map and shoot at troops across the river. If there are no troops for her to shoot at, she will walk over to the bridge and hit your tower from there. Your tower is not able to hit her back, so you are basically forced to play a card to stop her from slowly taking down your tower.


The princess is a huge treath to any decks with swarm troops in them, that would be goblins, skeletons, minions, etc. She will take out these troops in just a few hits, so you pretty much have to deal with the princess before you play these cards. Even if you are attacking the opposite lane of where the princess is, she is still able to hit your troops.

There is not really any good way to counter the princess and get out ahead. The best way to take her out from would be arrows at an even elixir trade. If you use fireball or poison you will actually loose elixir unless you damage other troops at the same time. What I like to do is to wait until she is targeting my tower and then take her out with skeletons or spear goblins.

Last thing, the princess is a really versatile card as well. She fits into almost any type of deck. Oh yeah, she only costs 3 elixir to play as well, what an amazing card.

What do you think?

I would love to hear what you guys think about these rankings. What is your favorite legendary card? What cards are you struggling to defend against? Are there any legendary cards you regret buying? I really regret spending 40,000 on the lava hound. Please leave a comment below, thanks!

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