Legendary, Epic and Super Magical Chest Cycle

Have your received your Legendary chest, yet?
The September update introduced new chests, naming Legendary chest and Epic chest. A lot of players have wondered how to get them in the chest cycle. Some of you may have already gotten them already, while others are still puzzled on how to obtain it. I got my first Legendary card from the Legendary Chest cycle and you can have your own, too!

Before spilling the beans,  you must first know that there are chest cycles in Clash Royale. Every time you win a game in Normal battles, there is a fixed chest reward waiting for you.

There is a total of 240 chests in one chest cycle. And theoretically, you can complete the whole cycle in 44 days, if you can open all the chests immediately after the timer, non-stop.

The whole chest cycle contains a total of 4 Magical Chests, 4 Giant Chests, 52 Golden Chests and 180 Silver Chests. Yes, it is a lot of chests we got there. Also, the higher chest arena you get, the better rewards you receive.

There is a previous guide where you can find more information about the chests in Clash Royale. You can read more about the Ultimate Chest guide – drop order and tips, here.


Above is a copy of the image where the chest’s drop cycle is shown. Try to find your place in the cycle by the sequence of chests you get. It will be a lot easier for you to know if there will be an upcoming Legendary Chest if you can track your cycle.

How to get Legendary chest?


At first, many players thought that the Legendary chest was given by a low chance rate. A lot of theories came to failure because of having no evidence to support it. However, Reddit user named iMix figured out and decoded the secret in getting Legendary chest.

Legendary chest contains 1 Legendary card in any arena.

He claimed that the Legendary chest is not given in a random order. You must complete some criteria for you to receive one. The first important factor is you have to gain 2000 trophies. Then you must complete 2 chest cycle before getting your Legendary chest. 2 chest cycles means 480 chests to open! It will take you about 3 months to complete!

However, there is an exception. If you happen to be in Arena 9 – Legendary Arena, you don’t have to wait for 2 chest cycle to obtain your Legendary Chest. You can get your reward faster!

Players who finish the whole cycle by staying in Arena 9, without falling to lower arenas, will get a Legendary chest in just 1 cycle! It’s a good reward for players who are in the Legendary arena! Just be reminded that bouncing between arenas will forfeit the cycle. You will be put to the normal waiting cycle of 2 chest cycles (480 chests) before getting the Legendary chest.

What about Epic Chest?


Good news, because Epic chest always comes out after the Legendary chest. Meaning, you have to pass the same criteria in the Legendary chest to get an Epic chest. You have to get 2000 trophies first, then complete the 2 cycles.  Same applies when you are able to complete the cycle while in Arena 9. Legendary arena players will get both Legendary and Epic Chest in just single cycle.

Epic Chest contains 10 epic cards.

I also received my Epic chest right after getting the Legendary chest. I was jumping for joy and I really thought I was extremely lucky to get them both at the same time.


Super Magical Chest


Super Magical Chest has the highest chance to get a Legendary card from all the normal chest. It also gives more than any other type of chest can give.

Arena     Cost     Gold     Total cards    Guaranteed cards
1 1,600 960-1,200 180 6 Epics + 36 Rares
2 2,100 1,296-1,620 243 8 Epics + 48 Rares
3 2,500 1,632-2,040 306 10 Epics + 61 Rares
4 2,800 1,920-2,400 360 12 Epics + 72 Rares
5 3,100 2,208-2,760 414 13 Epics + 82 Rares
6 3,400 2,496-3,120 468 15 Epics + 93 Rares
7 3,700 2,784-3,480 522 17 Epics + 104 Rares
8 4,600 3,648-4,560 684 22 Epics + 136 Rares

Super Magical Chest is a little different compared to all the other chest that have a fixed order of reward.

First, you must reach 400 trophies  for you to be eligible in getting the Super Magical Chest. Next is you have to get a total of 500 chests. That’s more than 2 chest cycles which only have 480 chests.

Now, here’s the tricky part, after completed opening all 500 chests, the Super Magical Chest can be given to you anytime after that. Yes, there’s no definite order when you’ll get it. You will receive the Super Magical Chest before completing another set 500 chests.

Getting the Super Magical chest early is purely a matter of luck. So, it’s not advisable to keep track of your Super Magical chest in your cycle. It will be very confusing, not only that it doesn’t have a fix rotation, it also exceeded the number of normal chest cycles, having 500 chests instead of 480 chests, that’s 2 cycles and 20 chests.

For clarity, here’s an example. If I completed opening the 500 chest cycle, it goes back to 1 again. I can receive the Super Magical chest anytime before I reach opening the 500th chest. And if you’re really unlucky, worst case scenario is that you will receive your Super Magical chest at the 499th.

More tips

• Always keep opening your chests consistently. After unlocking one chest, you should unlock the next one immediately to finish the chest cycle faster. Setting your notification on will help you keep updated with the recently opened chest.

• Use the chest cycle drop list to find where you are in the current cycle. It will help you keep on track on how long you will have to wait to get an upcoming chest, not only Legendary chest but even Giant and Magical chest. So that you can grind your way to the higher arena once you know that a good chest reward will come up, next.

• Always try to stay in a higher arena. The higher the arena you are in, the better rewards you can get from the chest.

• If you want to experiment and try out different decks, just make sure that your chest inventory is full. That way, you won’t get lower arena chest reward if you get demoted from your current arena.

• Lastly, don’t worry about playing even if you don’t have a slot in your chest inventory. You will still receive the chest in the same order. Meaning, you will still get the next chest. You just have to finish opening a chest so that after you received your reward from a normal battle, you will get the next chest in your available inventory.

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