Top 11 Secrets Most Clash Royale Players Don’t Know

Here are Top 11 Little Known Tips, Tricks and Secrets in the Clash Royale community. Knowing and using these tips you will improve your gameplay, and win rate – guaranteed! These will range from strategy to cool tidbits that could prove useful in game.

These tips and tricks have won me countless games and will certainly help improve your gameplay too. Knowing these secrets, you can improve your win percentage by %20 and reach legendary arena in no time. There’s always new stuff to learn in Clash Royale.

TOP 11 Secrets in Clash Royale

Here are the TOP 11 Secrets that ALL Clash Royale Players Should Know (but most don’t):


Get Gold for Every Clash Royal Battle you Win11. You get gold for every battle you win (up to 20)

Surprisingly, many people still don’t know about the battle victory reward. You get x amount of gold depending on which arena you are in for every battle you win, up to twenty battles in total. If you manage to win twenty times, the extra gold can certainly help you progress and level up.

10. Viewing the Stats of a Card during a Battle

Many people do not know how to do this. To view the stats of a card in your deck, simply hold down on the card while it is in rotation. It will showcase the stats of the card. This proves especially useful if you don’t know how much damage spells do and need to finish off a tower.


9. Clone Spelling a Giant Skeleton

If your giant skeleton runs into a massive defense, simply clone it. The 1 hp actually benefits you in this situation, allowing the cloned skeleton to die quickly and release its devastating bomb to wipe out the pesky barbarians or whatever else may be troubling you.


8. Trainer Cheddar, Trainer Jason, and Trainer Max

This is more of an easter egg than anything else. Supercell has implemented many different trainers into the game, and some of these are easter eggs. Trainer Cheddar has an abnormal amount of elixir at all times, capable of playing troops way faster than he should be able to, thus the name Trainer Cheddar (Cheater).

Trainer Jason uses the Jason deck, popularized by Jason who won the first ever Clash Royale tournament. Trainer Max has maxed out commons and rares and high level legendaries. These small features are what make Supercell such a great company and are some of the reasons so many people play Clash Royale.

The goblins push the hog to the left.

7. Pig Pushing

I have mentioned this in many of my guides. If you still don’t know how to pig push and have the hog rider in your deck, you should learn now. It is one of the best tricks in the game, and it can help you bypass defenses such as the cannon or the inferno tower. Simply place a troop at the bridge to the left.right of your hog rider, and your hog rider will be pushed to the right/left causing it to avoid targeting any defense which is placed within the normal kiting range. See my last guide on Hog / Miner Deck to learn about pig-push


6. Chest Cycle

Many beginning players still don’t grasp the concept of the chest cycle, believing it to be random luck. This, however, is not the case as demonstrated by digging through the code of the game.

Read more in our guides on the chest cycle to learn fully how it works. It will help you know when to expect your next special chest.


5. Exclusive Sneak Peeks

Any of you who check before updates for the sneak peeks? Be sure to check on Reddit and the forums for exclusive sneak peeks. Many people are surprised when these features are released because they do not check these sites. I recommend making them a daily read. They provide great advice, and it’s a great place to reach out to Supercell directly.

4. Win-trading

This is a very big problem in the higher arenas, especially with clans such as Nova who are notorious for doing this. Win-trading is when a member of your clan leaves the clan to intentionally lose to another member of the clan. They often have multiple accounts in the top 200 so they can do this efficiently. This is why most of the top 10 players are in the same clan. Supercell have tried to address this problem but are yet to find a good solution.


3. Kiting

This is a very useful tactic that can save you hundreds of damage on your tower. Any of your opponent’s troops can be kited whether it be with a troop of a defense. It is most beneficial when the troop is faced further away from your opponent’s, making their troop travel a further distance and thus take more damage. This can be done with all troops, but defense targeting troops are often better at it as you can make their troop chase yours back across the bridge, leaving it almost useless.


2. Extra Range

Troops such as the prince and the guards have a range of 0.5 due to their spears. This is most noticeable when a valkyrie is attacking another one of your troops. The guards and the prince will actually outrange the valkyrie’s attack, allowing them to remain unscathed. This is very useful when coming up against a valkyrie, especially in the lower arenas.


1. How to Get Free GemsEarn FreeMyApps Credits and Get FREE Gems in Clash Royale

Many people struggle with getting gems in Clash Royale. While buying them is certainly an option, it is not a good one as gems are far too expensive.

There is, however, a way to get free gems without cheating or hacking. It is simple, safe, and easy and it will help you level up your cards. This is 100 per cent reliable and is a great and fast way to get better at the game.

Here is how it works (short version):

  1. You install FreeMyApps app, sign in with Facebook, and start earning points.
  2. To earn points you install and try Apps or Watch Videos or Try Offers.
  3. Another (most effective) way is to SHARE FreeMyApps with your friends. Each friend who signs up gives you 200 points!
  4. Once you get 3000 points, you can use it for $10 gift card on App Store or Play Store
  5. Use AppStore / PlayStore credit for Gems!
  6. Essentially 3000 points = $10 = 1200 Gems!


Conclusion: These tips, if utilized correctly, will considerably help you in game and can even boost you up a whole arena. Because most players don’t know about them, you will have a great advantage if you do know them. Gems are the best way to progress, especially when they’re free.

As always, hope you enjoyed and keep on clashing! And share these secrets with your friends. Cheers!


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