Arena 6 Elixir Pump Spam deck

This is the deck I am currently using and it is a lot of fun to play for sure. This is actually the first deck ever I am posting here that uses the elixir pump. I know the elixir pump is really popular and a lot of top players are using it, but I really never got it to work well in any of my decks.

Most decks that uses the elixir pump are quite slow and use high elixir cost troops like the Pekka, Golem or Musketeers. Using those troops has never worked well for me, so my elixir pump deck is quite different.

This elixir pump uses a lot of cheap troops so you can cycle through the deck really fast. The elixir pump itself is actually the most expensive card in the deck at 5 elixir, the rest of the cards are 4 elixir and lower. The average elixir cost of this deck is only 3.1 elixir!

The cards.

Hog-Rider-Rare-Card-Clash-Royale Elixir-Collector-Rare-Card-Clash-Royale Spear-Goblins-Common-Card-Clash-Royale Goblins-Common-Card-Clash-Royale
poison-new-clash-royale-card Zap-Common-Card-Clash-Royale Cannon-Common-Card-Clash-Royale Minions-Common-Card-Clash-Royale

The Poison is the only epic card in the deck, but you can replace that with fireball if you wish. The two rare cards should not be replaced, the Hog Rider is needed to kill the enemy tower and the whole deck is based around the extra elixir you will get from the Elixir Pump.

Hog Rider.
If you’ve read my blog for a while you know that I use the Hog Rider in almost all of my decks. I should probably update my top 10 cards article to reflect this soon. The Hog Rider is definitely my favourite card in Clash Royale and is responsible for most of my wins.

Elixir Collector.
This first time I ever  use this card in any of the deck guides I am posting here. The Elixir Collector produces 1 elixir every 9.8 seconds, so it’ll produce 7 elixir over its lifetime gaining you 2 more elixir than its cost. As long as you are able to place it without losing a lot of hp to your enemy’s push it is a great building. In addition to gaining extra elixir from it you can use the Elixir Collector to distract incoming enemy troops like Giants, Balloons, etc.

Spear Goblins.
Lots of value, 3 goblins that can target air for only two elixir. You use these to back up your Hog Rider on attacks as well as defending behind the Cannon or Elixir Collector.

These 3 goblins deal a ton of damage for their elixir cost. I have found these are great at taking down enemy tanks like Giants, Pekkas, Golems, etc.

I am really fond of the poison spell. It deals about the same damage as a Fireball but it does it over time and it also slows down the enemy troops. You can use it both on offence and defence, if you place it around the enemy tower you are attacking the troops he place on defence will both move slower and slowly die to the poison. If you place in on defence around the bridge you stop him from following up his attack with low hp dps troops like minions and goblins, as they will die in a few seconds to the poison.

At my level Zap works really well, but it depends a lot on the level of your Zap is compared to the level of the enemy troops you are facing. Zap will take out the same level of goblins and spear goblins, and leave minions in one-shot hp range for your towers to take out. If your zap is lower level that your enemy’s troops, it won’t take out enemy goblins and you can’t use it to stop the enemy Goblin Barrels. If this turns out to be a problem for you, replace it with Arrows.

Great defence costing only 3 elixir. I will usually place this in front of my Elixir Collector which again is in front of my king tower. If the enemy is using Rockets or Lightning however, you want to have your Cannon in the middle while your elixir collectors are on the sides.

I haven’t used this card in my decks recently, and it’s nice to get back to using it. I used to have Archers in this spot in the deck, but I found that I was facing too many players with both the Dark Prince and Valkyrie. This was really hard to deal with when I only had ground troops. Because of this I replaced my Archers with the Minions. So far this replacement is working out really well.


This is a very active deck to play, like most of my decks are. When you have so many low elixir cards you play cards very frequently and cycle through your deck very quickly. What this again means is that you are able to place a lot of Elixir Pumps even if you don’t use the Mirror.

In overtime you are able to spam out troops extremely fast and basically never let your opponent counterattack. Even if your opponent have a lot of defensive buildings to stop you, the rate in which you can play troops will often will be too fast for your opponent to defend.

Facing slow decks.

How you play the deck really depends on which deck you are facing. If you are facing a slow, you should try to play fast in the beginning my making an early push when they are placing down their Elixir Pump or other expensive troops like Pekka or Golem. Don’t spend more than 9 elixir on your first push, and you need to have the Hog Rider and Zap in your hand to do this. I usually open with an early push whenever I don’t have an Elixir Pump in my opening hand.

Facing fast decks.

If you are facing a fast deck, meaning a deck that opens with a Hog Rider, double prince or something similar, you should start out on the defensive. Get your cannon down and Elixir Pump when you have the chance. Place the Elixir Pump after you have successfully defeated on of your opponent’s pushes.


Once you get into overtime against a fast deck you will start to see the huge advantage you have from your elixir pumps. You should be able to attack again and again while he won’t have enough elixir to make good counter-attacks against you.

Facing Pekka, Golem and Giant decks.

When your opponent plays Pekka or Golem you want to kite them around with your goblins together with the cannon. Using elixir pumps to distract enemy troops is a good idea as well. Elixir pumps have a lot of hp and having enemy troops focus on it while you use your other troops to take it out is a good idea.


Players often follow up their Pekka, Golem or Giant with splash damage troops like the wizard, dark prince and baby dragon. Use your minions to take out the troops that don’t target air. If you are not able to do this, wait until the enemy troops targets a building of yours before playing your troops. Playing goblins and having the baby dragon or wizard kill them in one shot is not a good idea.

Your goal when facing Pekka, Golem or Giant decks is too stay on the offensive during overtime and prevent your opponent from having enough elixir to actually play his Golem or Pekka. You should be able to spam attacks so fast that all your opponent can do is to defend.

Facing Mortar decks.


The X-Bow is not used much anymore, but I do face a lot of mortar decks. I think this deck works really well against them. Usually I will have an elixir collector in front of my king tower, and the mortar will target that. Then I’ll place my cannon in front of the mortar to take it out. Goblins and minions are also pretty good at taking out the enemy mortars.

Video guides.

A lot of people asked for videos of the decks I post here. Below you can find two videos, one with a replay and one with live play. The quality is not too great as it’s the first videos I’m putting out there, but if you guys like them and want me to post more videos please let me know.


So please let me know what you think about the new format of this guide and how the decks works if you decide to check it out. I’ll probably update this article with more videos soon.


  1. the best strategy is that leave hog and barbarians then when they reach the tower freeze it by the freeze spell. and if they leave skeleton army …..

    • I realize I’m new and suck at this game, but I can’t get this deck to work to save my life. My normal win rate is about 50% and with this deck after 20 games I’m 0-20. The fast decks are just too squishy and this doesn’t have enough anti-air.

      Maybe it’s because I don’t have poison yet, but, yeah, can’t make this deck work for me, which is too bad because it looks fun.

  2. do you think this deck will work with a lvl 1 poison.. or do you think i am better off with a lvl 5 fireball?

    • I think you’re better of with a fireball. I would pick whatever does most damage and go with poison if it’s close. Fireball level 5 does 476 damage while poison level one only does 420 damage over 10 seconds. Could could try poison when it reaches level 2, but I’d stick with fireball until poison is level 3.

    • Use the cannon as a lure for the Giant, then fireball the Wiz and Giant simultaneously. If the Wiz is still alive, wait until he locks on to something and use a weenie to finish him off.

  3. I versed a guy with 3 musketeers. Poison just doesn’t kill the, off, I have been using this deck at 2500 and I can’t get past 2600

  4. This deck brought me up to legendary arena at 3k! Awesome guide. Keep up the good work mate. I will always check your hog rider combos every now and then if you have new one ?? cannon + poison is the ultimate defense of this deck then do a counter attack

  5. Hey Oyvind, so I sit in the 2200-2300 range (as high as 2356) with the following troops:

    King Level 8
    Gobs: Lv8
    Spear Gobs: Lv8
    Zap: Lv7 (soon to be 8)
    Cannon: Lv8
    Fireball: Lv5
    Hog Rider: Lv5 (soon to be 6)
    Minion Horde: Lv8
    Elixir Pump: Lv5

    Things I struggle with right now:
    – Getting past a centralized bomb tower
    – Getting my hog past a cannon/etc that they park directly in front
    – Preserving my centralized cannon sitting close to the river, above the centralized Elixir pump

    I could run Lv7 minion over the horde, but I am a bit gold light at the moment and reluctant to play the weaker card. Do you feel this makes a big difference beyond making me less susceptible to arrows? My Poison is still just Lv1.

    Any thoughts on strategies for the above-mentioned weaknesses would be greatly appreciated.

    • – Getting past a centralized bomb tower
      Getting 2 elixir pumps up and then being able to attack quickly during overtime when the bomb tower is down is usually how I get around this.

      – Getting my hog past a cannon/etc that they park directly in front
      The same thing with the cannon, you can cycle through real quick when you have 2+ collectors up during double elixir.

      – Preserving my centralized cannon sitting close to the river, above the centralized Elixir pump
      In some cases it’s better to put the elixir collector behind the tower, if they fireball, lighting or rocket it. If they hit the cannon with troops that are out of range from your towers you also need to move it further down.

      I could run Lv7 minion over the horde, but I am a bit gold light at the moment and reluctant to play the weaker card. Do you feel this makes a big difference beyond making me less susceptible to arrows? My Poison is still just Lv1.

      I’d keep using the fireball and test out the minions. It’s not just the arrows, it’s also that you can cycle through them much faster and get another hog rider to push with much faster than you can when you play a 5 elixir cost card.

      • I have been testing the minions and I am definitely digging them. You are very correct how much easier they are to cycle, but I still have to get used to pouring them out constantly to keep the cycle moving.

        • Hehe yeah, and it can get quite intense in the late game when stuff happening in both lanes at the same time and elixir is building up so fast.

  6. Do you think this deck can push up to 3k trophies? Btw how many trophies you got so far? My highest was 2884 but it was hard reaching 3k with my commons still at lvl 8 and hog rider at lvl 6

  7. Woah, will have to try this out…wish I had better than a Lv1 Poison though. Think that or lv5 Fireball will do me better?

    • Well…just went 5-1-1 in a test run and jumped up to 2100 trophies, I guess I need to start upping these troops. Wow this deck is IMPRESSIVE, the late game rush it creates is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

      Running Lv5 Fireball over Lv1 Poison
      Running Lv8 Horde over Lv7 Minion just cuz I invested in the Horde already

      • The level 5 fireball should be better for sure. I got a level 3 poison which is why I’m using that. My fireball is level 6, if I get it to level 7 before I get poison to level4 I’m probably switching to it.

        Great to hear the deck is working out 🙂

  8. Great guide and video really enjoyed this one and will try it once i upgrade my gobelins are higher then level 6 😉 Still using the arena 4 to 6 deck from a while back

    • Ah I see, cool. I’ll make a couple of more videos of hopefully better quality as well. The black border on the sides look real ugly for one, hehe

      • Hey is the good old knight arch bomber push good? Not with this deck but in general. I used it up to arena 3 but stopped working.

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