Arena 7 deck – Royal Arena

This is a Free to Play deck I started using a while ago and have had lots of success with. I’m not strictly a free to play player, but I’ve spent less than $30 on gems so I’m close to it. This deck contains only two epic cards, the baby dragon and freeze. The baby dragon is a low level epic card which most free to play players have access to.

Freeze is a bit harder to get, but you can replace this with other spells. Other useful spells would be fireball and freeze, they will deal damage to the towers and surrounding troops.

General play style.

What you do playing this deck is to counter your opponent’s plays and then make a strong push when you are ahead. The hog rider pushing with the valkyrie in front is really strong. The valkyrie will take most of the damage and kill opponent’s troops while the hog rider goes in for killing the tower.

The cards.

Hog-Rider-Rare-Card-Clash-Royale Baby-Dragon-Epic-Card-Clash-Royale Valkyrie-Rare-Card-Clash-Royale Tombstone-Rare-Card-Clash-Royale
Arrows-Common-Card-Clash-Royale Minion-Horde-Common-Card-Clash-Royale Freeze-Epic-Card-Clash-Royale Spear-Goblins-Common-Card-Clash-Royale


As you can see this is a pretty cheap deck to build. There are two epic cards, 3 rare and 3 commons.

Hog rider.
The hog rider is the main card used to kill your opponent’s crown towers. A really nice way to play this is to put it behind the valkyrie on the bridge. Playing it this way it will push the valkyrie forward into enemy troops. The valkyrie is awesome at dealing splash damage and will also take damage for the hog rider. This lets your hog rider reach the enemy crown tower and deal damage.

In addition to tanking and leading the charge ahead of the hog rider the valkyrie makes great defence as well. The valkyrie is great at killing enemy goblins and other smaller troops.

I’m really fond of the tombstone and keep one of these in almost any deck. Even after the nerf the tombstone is pretty good. It deals well with both the prince, balloons, x-bows and hog riders. It is a decent card to start out the game with, then you place it in the middle of the open area in front of your crown castle.

Spear goblin.
Spear goblins are awesome as well and have many purposes. They can be used for anti-air killing enemy balloons and other flying troops. They can be used to slow down enemy princes and giants. The last thing is that they can also be used to kill enemy crown towers hiding behind your valkyrie or baby dragon.

Minion horde.
Minion horde deals a lot of damage quickly to any enemy unit you place them around. They also do a lot of damage to your opponent’s tower if not dealt with.

Baby dragon.
This card is a great combination of splash damage and tank. It’s also really nice to have a unit that deals splash damage to both air and ground troops, your valkyrie will only damage enemy ground troops after all.

Even with a lot of splash damage the arrows will come in handy, but you can replace these with fireball or lightning of you have any of those at higher levels.

Freeze is really useful both for defence and offence. It has saved my towers many times and also have enabled me to kill the enemy tower and win me the game.


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