Fireball is one of the strongest spells in the game. It damages any unit within its area. Similar to the Arrows and Rocket, it has a travel time speed. The closest you are in the Crown Tower, the faster the projectile will be. Fireball only costs 4 elixir with really strong damage that can kill low health to medium health troops.

The benefit of having a high level Fireball early is a great advantage. It can easily destroy lower level card troops like the Witch, Wizard, and Three Musketeers. You can also counter the benefit of the opponent’s Elixir Collector by using Fireball, hitting it with the opponent’s nearest Arena Tower.

Radius Cost Rarity
2.5 4 Rare


Level Damage Crown Tower Damage
1 325 163
2 357 179
3 396 197
4 432 216
5 476 237
6 520 260
7 572 286
8 627 314
9 689 345
10 757 379


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