New Cards and Global Launch

1. March was the global launch for Clash Royale, and now it’s available in app stores world wide. Around the same time a new update was launched with 6 new exciting cards, the Princess, the Ice Wizard, the Dark Prince, the Royale Giant, the Three Musketeers and the Royal Giant.

In addition to the new cards, there are also a new arena. The new arena is the Builder’s Workshop which you get to at 1700 cups. What they did is to replace the Royal Arena with the Builder’s Workshop. The Royal Arena won’t be accessible now until you reach 2000 cups.

These new cards makes for some really exciting gameplay. Lots of YouTubers are presenting these cards and showing you how to use them, and I’ll write an in dept article on them soon, but for now I suggest you take a look at GamingWithMOLT’s video posted below.

He is in my opinion the YouTuber making the best Clash Royale videos at the moment, and you can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

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