November update

Clash Royale: October Update

The October live balance changes have arrived in Clash Royale. The balance is about toning down the popular combo at the current meta a.k.a. the Giant and Poison spell combo. It also adds decent improvements […]

How to spend your gems

How to Properly Spend Your Gems

  By now, hopefully you’ve started to get some free gems using our helpful guide.  I’ve been able to redeem a $10 Google Play gift card for just that purpose!  However, unless you have a […]

Legendary Chest Cycle

Legendary, Epic and Super Magical Chest Cycle

Have your received your Legendary chest, yet? The September update introduced new chests, naming Legendary chest and Epic chest. A lot of players have wondered how to get them in the chest cycle. Some of you […]

Card Review

How to Play the Ice Golem

  The Ice Golem is the platypus of Clash Royale troops.  What IS this thing?  Is it a bruiser?  (Not really.)  Is it a tank?  (Kind of.)  Is it a support troop?  (You’re getting warmer.)  Is […]


How to play the Mega Minion

The Mega Minion has been around for weeks since it was released last September 19. Many players have tried using it to check how this card can affect usual line ups and deck combinations. Now, […]

Challenges clash royale

Why Challenges are a Great Way to Spend Gems

Nestled in September’s update is a new feature on Clash Royale – Challenges.  Challenges are a blend of both tournaments and regular play, in that tournament rules are used, but there’s no timeframe specified for […]

Deck Guides

Deck Spotlight: Lava Hound/Balloon

As a new content provider on Clash Royale Tactics, I thought I’d get into the meat and bones of one of my most often used decks.  This deck got me to the Legendary Arena in […]

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