Clash Royale - TOP 7 Cards for New Year 2017

Top 7 Cards in Clash Royale in 2017

As Clash Royale evolves, the meta changes along with it. Here are the seven cards I believe have the most influence in the current game. Hare are Best Seven cards in Clash Royale to use in […]

Card Review

How to play the Tornado

“Drags enemy troops to the center of the Tornado while dealing damage over time. Doesn’t affect buildings.” Tornado spell is an epic card that costs 3 elixirs and can be obtained in Arena 6, Builder’s […]

Card Review

How to play the X-Bow

The X-Bow deck is one of the popular decks in Clash Royale. It was widely used in the early months but has been forgotten since the nerfs it received through the previous balance changes. Thanks […]

Card Review

How to Play the Graveyard

Graveyard – Introduction Recently, Supercell added a new Legendary card to Clash Royale.  This time it’s the Graveyard, which is unlocked in Spell Valley and beyond.  Whereas the Inferno Dragon is kind of like a mobile […]

November update

Clash Royale: November Update

The patch for this month rolled out early at the start of November to make balance changes and exciting new in-game updates. In this article, we’re going to discuss the rebalancing of cards, additional new […]

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