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How to Play the Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon – Introduction Just a few days ago, Supercell added a new Legendary card to Clash Royale. This newest one is the Inferno Dragon, which is basically the power of an Inferno Tower (damage […]


Top 20 Best Clash Royale Cards

This list of the Best 20 cards in Clash Royale is based on decks used by the Top 150 players in the world. I will update this list after every major update to the game, and […]


Top 10 Best Cards in Clash Royale

Especially for new players it’s good to have an idea over which cards in Clash Royale are considered the best, so that you can know which cards to request from your clan. Also, you will […]

Card Review

Hog Rider

Hog Rider is one of the strongest card in the game. Its mobility, high hit points and good damage with 4 elixir cost is a good card. Hog Rider can solo an Arena Tower, dealing […]

Card Review


Rage spell is an offensive card best used for swarm decks and slow attacking/moving troops like Balloon, PEKKA, Giant and Royal Giant. It increases movement speed and attack speed drastically by 40%. It has long […]


Pekkas Playhouse cards (Arena 4)

Reaching Pekka’s playhouse you will get access to another six cards, one of them being Pekka, one of the strongest tanks in Clash Royale. I will rank these six cards in order of how good I […]

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