How to counter the Lava Hound

The Lava Hound is one of the new legendary cards from the May 3 update, along with the Sparky and the Miner. It is the earliest legendary card that you can get in game since […]

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Top Arena 8 deck – lots of common cards

This is the deck I am currently using post May 2016 patch, and it just took me to 3200+ trophies. It is made specifically to counter royal giant, sparky and the hog rider combinations. I […]


How to counter the Royal Giant

  Royal Giant was once a last pick for many Clash Royal players. But since the¬†May 3 patch, we’ve been seeing this big yellow haired giant on the spotlight. The¬†increased range is definitely a great […]


How to counter Sparky

Sparky is a new card that was introduced with the May 2016 update for Clash Royale. It is a legendary card that can easily make you lose the game if you don’t know how to […]