How to build Golem Deck

The Golem is the tankiest card in the game. It has around 3,150 hit points at level one and goes up to 6,079 hp at max level (8). Not only it has the highest hit points […]

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Best Royal Giant deck

The new and buffed Royal Giant is amazing! Even though I usually don’t go with slow and expensive troops in my decks, I decided to make an exception for the royal giant after the recent […]

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Double Prince deck – Arena 7+

This is a low elixir double prince deck that includes the elixir pump. The last deck I posted was pretty much the first deck ever that I had gotten to work with an elixir pump […]

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Arena 7 deck – Poison Prince Hog

This deck took me from 2200 to 2800 trophies yesterday. It’s really an aggressive deck and a lot of fun to play. I haven’t posted here in quite a while now as I’ve been traveling […]

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Best Arena 3 deck

It’s time for another deck guide, and this time an awesome arena 3 deck that I have had lots of success with. In addition to being a  good deck, this is also a really fun […]

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Best Arena 2 deck

This deck is based on my very popular Arena 4-6 deck, but everything has been modified to fit with Arena 2 players. We only use cards from Arena 2 and lower in this deck, and […]

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Arena 5 deck – The Hog Hut deck

UPDATE: As of March 2016 this is not my favourite deck anymore for Arena 5 and higher. This deck still works, but if you haven’t already, definitely check out my Arena 4-7 deck as well. […]