Card Review

Ice Wizard

The Ice Wizard is a legendary card similar with the Wizard. It deals splash damage to its target and slows their movement and attack speed. However, the Ice Wizard deals less damage. Ice Wizard can […]

Card Review

Dark Prince

The Dark Prince is an epic card similar to the Prince.  It also has a charging attack that builds up movement speed when and deal 2x damage when it reaches its target. The advantage of using […]


How to counter Sparky

Sparky is a new card that was introduced with the May 2016 update for Clash Royale. It is a legendary card that can easily make you lose the game if you don’t know how to […]

Card Review


The Princess is a legendary card which has the longest range in the game. It out-ranges all buildings and can safely attack the Arena Tower in the opposite side of the river. It also deals splash […]

Card Review


Poison is an offensive spell that can be used effectively versus troops and buildings. It deals damage overtime in a fix duration of 10 seconds. Each level increases the damage per second of this spell. […]

Card Review

Royal Giant

The royal giant used to be one of the least used cards in Clash Royale, but that changed a lot in a recent update when the range of the card was increased. The Royal Giant […]