Clash Royale videos

I now have a couple of videos posted on my YouTube channel. There are two videos for the Arena 6 elixir pump spam deck and two videos for my most popular deck, the Best Arena 4 – 6 deck. What I would really like to know is what I can do to improve these videos and if you guys think that the videos make the guides better.

I know that the sound quality is not too good, so I will get a new microphone to fix that. I’m more interested in hearing about the commentary itself and the video quality over all. I am posting all the videos I have currently released here in this article, and you could leave a comment on the videos themselves in YouTube or just post a comment here to this article.

I am not sure if I’ll continue doing these videos for long-term, but I’ll probably do a few more based on the comments I get here. You can find my channel here.

Arena 4-6 deck videos.

Arena 6 elixir pump spam deck videos.

Thanks for watching, please let me know what I can do to improve them, thanks!

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