Best Epic Cards in 2017

Top 7 Epic Cards (January 2017)

These are the seven best epic cards in the game, and the ones that should be in your deck. While epics may not be as good as commons or rares, they still provide a huge […]


Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017)

Discover the Top 7 Rare cards in Clash Royale – Jan 2017. Using this cards in your deck, will greatly improve you win rate and game enjoyment – You do have fun when you win […]


Top 7 Common Cards (January 2017)

Here are the top seven common cards in Clash Royale in Jan 2017, which will allow you to beat more player. Many players use cards that aren’t in the meta, and this gives them a […]


How to Deal with RAGE in Clash Royale

Everyone has gotten mad at Clash Royale at some point. Whether you smashed your phone into pieces (please don’t do this) or screamed into your pillow, we have all felt the despair as we watched […]

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