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Best Arena 2 deck

This deck is based on my very popular Arena 4-6 deck, but everything has been modified to fit with Arena 2 players. We only use cards from Arena 2 and lower in this deck, and […]

Deck Guides

Best Beginner Deck (Arena 1 to 5)

After the global launch I’ve put together lots of different decks with Training Camp and Goblin Stadium cards, and this is the best deck I have come up with. I remember how hard it was […]


Royal Arena cards (Arena 7)

UPDATE: Lots of changes were done to this arena in the March 2016 Clash Royale update. This arena is now Arena 7, and all the cards have been replaced. The cards you get access to […]


Builder’s Workshop cards (Arena 6)

The Builder’s Workshop is the new arena that came with the March 2016 update of Clash Royale. Basically this arena just takes the place the Royal Arena used to have. With the update they moved […]


New Cards and Global Launch

1. March was the global launch for Clash Royale, and now it’s available in app stores world wide. Around the same time a new update was launched with 6 new exciting cards, the Princess, the […]


How to gain Elixir Advantage

If you consistently make favourable elixir trades with your opponent you will eventually win the game. By favourable trades I mean using a lower elixir cost card to kill a higher elixir cost card. The […]


Top 10 mistakes in Clash Royale

This is a list of the top 10 mistakes I see players are making in Clash Royale. Some of the mistakes are mostly¬†done by beginners, but I still think they¬†could be useful for experienced players […]

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