Deck Guides

Arena 7 deck – Royal Arena

This is a Free to Play deck I started using a while ago and have had lots of success with. I’m not strictly a free to play player, but I’ve spent less than $30 on gems […]


Clash Royale Gems guide

If you want to compete with the top players in Clash Royale buying gems is a necessity. There is no way to level up fast enough and get the needed cards for the top decks […]

Deck Guides

Arena 5 deck – The Hog Hut deck

UPDATE: As of March 2016 this is not my favourite deck anymore for Arena 5 and higher. This deck still works, but if you haven’t already, definitely check out my Arena 4-7 deck as well. […]


Spell Valley cards (Arena 5)

UPDATE: Spell Valley will now give you access to five cards. Two new cards were added to the Spell Valley arena in the March 2016 update. The new cards is the Ice Wizard, a legendary […]

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