Card Review

The Log

The Log is the first legendary spell card in the game, added in the July patch. It is obtainable in the Builder’s Workshop Arena. It is the cheapest spell that can be used in game, […]

Card Review


Lumberjack is the new legendary card added in the July 4 patch. It can be obtained in the newly added 2300+ trophy arena, Frozen Peak. It has decent health and damage for the cost of […]

Card Review


Bowler is a bit of a tanky card that deals area┬ádamage on it’s path. It throws a big bowl of rock in a single direction. It also pushes away any troops that got hit. It […]

Card Review

Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit is one of the new cards that was added to the game on the 4th of July patch update. It can be obtained in the new 2300+ trophy arena called, Frozen Peak. There […]

Deck Guides

Goblin Barrel Guide and Decks

Goblin Barrel is the best update in the latest patch of July 2016. They reduced the cost of the Goblin Barrel from 4 to 3 elixirs. In the process, they removed the small initial damage […]


How to counter Legendary Cards

Every now and then, we experience battles in Clash Royale with one or more Legendary Cards. The reason being, more and more players obtain Legendary cards each day. It’s no surprise that players will use […]


How to build Golem Deck

The Golem is the tankiest card in the game. It has around 3,150 hit points at level one and goes up to 6,079 hp at max level (8). Not only it has┬áthe highest hit points […]

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