Free Gems guide for Clash Royale

This is how to get Free Gems in Clash Royale the legit way. I’ve successfully gotten lots of gems this way and it is possible for anyone to do the same. This is not a hack or a cheat, it is a way to get free gems for the game long term and I would estimate that you can get a few thousand gems a week.

We are using FreeMyApps to get the gems and you need your Android device or your iPad / iPhone to use this service. I’ve tried 20+ alternatives, and FreeMyApps is many times better than any them. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Click this link to go to FreeMyApps and sign up.


You need to open that link from your phone or tablet, it works on both iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android. For Android this will take you to the Google Play store where you download their App. For iOS you will have to install a profile on your device, both ways are quick and easy however, just follow the instructions. If you get stuck see my detailed guide here.

Step 2: Download the apps from their list.


The more apps you download, the more points you make, so I suggest you use the app every day and download all the apps on their list. It’s quick and easy to do, and some of the games and apps on their list are quite cool as well.

Step 3: Redeem iTunes and Google Play gift cards for your points.


Once you have enough points you can use your points to get iTunes or Google Play gift cards. When you redeem these gift cards from FreeMyApps you will get the gift card code from them instantly, no waiting time at all. This gift card code you can then use to get gems for Clash Royale. Over the last two weeks I have redeemed lots of Gift Cards from FreeMyApps and you got them instantly every single time.

This is quite easy to do, just make sure you buy the gift card for the store you are playing in and the right country as well. You can see in the image above how to redeem your gift card in the iTunes gift store. Go to the featured category and scroll all the way down to see this button. If you need more detailed instructions or have any problems you can take a look at a more detailed guide here.


Here you can see how to go about redeeming the gift cards in the Google Play store. In the Google Play app on your phone or tablet you first tap on the meny button. This will open up a menu where you can see the redeem button. Tap on this and you get up a popup where you can enter the gift card code. If you need more help on how to redeem your gift card you can find information here.

5. Get the gems.


The last step is just going to Clash Royale and buy the gems. As you can see from the image above you will get 1200 gems for 3000 FreeMyApps points. This is a very good deal. If you compared this to other apps to make free gems from, FreeMyApps is clearly in the lead, and using the alternatives would likely be a waste of time.

No more steps needed.

Here is the link to FreeMyApps again if you missed it, hope it works out well for you. You really get a huge advantage in Clash Royale when you can level up by using gems so it’s smart to take advantage of any way possible to get them for free.

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  • Diego

    I prefer the app called “Free gift cards”

    Is faster, and u get bonus using the code: ZWGP3

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  • Manuel

    nice method. i didn’t know about this . i will defenelty try out this one

    • David

      mee too bro

  • Royale Elites

    Might share it over at

  • Michael Oren

    personally, i prefer cfarewards
    putting in the code 94fcd2a is a great way to earn extra for free

    • I tried that but didn’t work too well for me. Good with alternatives anyways.

  • Juan Emanuel Escalante

    I cant get “freemyapps” to work at all, i have been using it for 3 or 4 days now and it doesnt show any apps to download.. it says that i gotta check out later for more offers, got like 3 friends who have used my referal code who are getting the same message everytime they log in and try to download something.. is this happening to you all as well? Thank you.

  • AnEyeHoleLate

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  • Masta Kush

    Wow! I didn’t know you could do this. Thanks

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    • Paul Justin Detkowski

      just used your code! Thanks

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      just used ur code. thanks man!

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  • Eddie Tran

    Got you fam.
    CODE – a944660e

  • Nikhil Amritanand

    does free my apps work in India

  • vven

    use this code. 9109e76d

  • vven

    I think this is a great method actually