Rocket is the strongest damaging spell in the game. But with great damage comes great responsibility of using it well. The Rocket has a very small area of effect damage and slow missile speed. It can cause you to miss your targets if you don’t properly place it with the right timing. You can use it against buildings especially if you are hitting the Arena Tower, too. It is best used when hitting multiple targets especially strong troops like Three Musketeers or a swarm of troops like Minion Horde. The best place to deploy the Rocket is on the bridge where the enemy troops are compressed together.


Radius Cost Rarity
2 6 Rare


Level Damage Crown Tower Damage
1 700 350
2 770 385
3 847 424
4 931 466
5 1,022 511
6 1,120 560
7 1,232 616
8 1,351 676
9 1,484 742
10 1,631 816


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